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All About Me

Ava is all about “me,” the individual female of every age group, whether she is just starting her teenage years or is approaching her golden years, every single female. “Me” is the emphasis of every female to bring self awarness to her own body and health. To have access to products that will help maintain their own hygiene health. We want to bring the best products possible to each female. Products that are safe and eco-friendly, that whenever she uses an Ava product, her best shelf will come forward. Ava’s focus is to bring natural, toxin-free ingredients to not only women, but also our environment.

Ava is creating products for women with women in mind. When we as women help each other and take care for each other, only then can we encourage and raise up the next generation of future women.

Dandelions have five distinct stages during their life. Through each stage, the dandelion develops and changes just like women do throughout their lives. During the early spring, dandelions represent the rebirth of growth and after the winter they display an abundance of strength and power. Every menstruating woman around the world shows resilience, and the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. Menstruation can be an extremely vulnerable time for women and each month they withstand adversity and overcome the impact of menstruation. Menstruating women are like a dandelion. They display abundant strength and power to overcome any challenge head-on. They develop, accept the changes and difficulties that come along with menstruation, and redevelop when situations tear them down.

What We Do

We aim to make life better for menstruating

educating and availing

healthy products to fulfill all their

intimate and menstrual hygiene needs.

Cristiana Sandor


What We Do

Natural skin care products for the health of your skin, created with love, attention and intelligence.

Helen Bowman

Company Director

All About Me – Ava
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