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Period Kit

Sometimes your period can come unexpected, sooner than you thought, later than usual, or you may get your period right on time. Whatever your case is, it is always best to stay prepared, organized and packed with backups. Who knows you may be out somewhere and your friend or even a random stranger may start their period and you can supply them with feminine hygiene products because you were prepared and always ready.

Why you should make a period kit:

Period kits are helpful in cases that you don’t know when you will start your period and you may need the kit when you least expect it. It also nice to have during school, work, or when you’re out so that when you are on your period you are prepared and have backups so that you can refresh whenever you may need.

How to start a period kit:

1. Find a pouch that fits what you need:

When starting a period kit find a pouch that will fit everything that you need. It doesn’t need to be the size of a beach bag, but it needs to bigger that a coin purse. The pouch also doesn’t have to be designed towards periods, or menstrual hygiene. I use an old pouch that came with a purse, and I just switch it from bag to bag. Find what works best for you.

2. Add your favorite period products:

Add your favorite period products that make you feel your best, are comfortable and allow you to move freely. Add extras. I always keep a little bit of everything in my period kit. I always make sure to have 1 sanitary pad, 2 regular tampons, 1 light tampon, 1 super tampon and at least 2–3 panty liners. This is what works for me, and when I do start my period, I add the products I know I need and remove the products I don’t.

3. Add fresheners:

Feminine Hygiene wipes are always a plus to have in your period kit because they can be used when you’re menstruating and when you’re not. Feminine hygiene wipes allow you to freshen up when you need and keep you feeling confident anytime of the day. I always keep feminine hygiene wipes in my kit because you will never know when you will need them.

4. The extras:

Add what is going to make you feel prepared during your period or give you peace of mind that if you start your period, you will have these things. For me its ibuprofen, I always keep a few pills in a Ziplock bag so that if I have cramps or a headache, I can take them. You might add a candy for cravings or gum. Whatever it is add it if it is going to keep you at ease or feeling your best.


A period kit is designed for you by you. It is so that you are always prepared for your next menstrual cycle, and it is packed with all the products you love. The products that allow you to show up as your best self every day. Remember when making your period kit you are adding all the products you love and all the supplies you feel you need to have a successful period.

I will be packing my kit with Ava’s feminine hygiene products. Ava’s feminine hygiene products are micro-encapsulated and infused with hemp seed oil allowing menstruating women to feel their best and be their best every day during their period.

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Period Kit – Ava
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