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A Comprehensive Guide: Everything You Should Know About Menstruation

EEver thought, why is the word “menstruation” or period such a taboo topic for people? Or why are people in denial to talk about it openly even after knowing that it is natural? The answer is-lack of knowledge and awareness. In fact, according to the research by UNICEF, many females do not have an accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process. Thus, educating girls before their first period is essential for better menstrual health, contributing to social solidarity, and encouraging healthy habits.

Therefore, to guide you with the crucial information on periods, we’ve prepared a guide on everything you should know about menstruation.

Read further to learn more about the topic.

What is Menstruation?

Menstruation is a biological process that is an integral part of every female. Every month our bodies prepare for pregnancy. If the pregnancy does not occur, the uterus sheds its lining along with mucus, blood, and bacteria. Thus, menstruation generally refers to shedding of the uterine lining, blood, and bacteria. It is a cycle of 2-7 days and is experienced by almost every woman
between puberty and 52-55 years of age.

Consequences/Symptoms of Periods

Abdominal or pelvic cramping
Lower back pain
Bloating and sore breasts
Food cravings
Mood swings and irritability
Do periods symptoms last longer?

Menstruation is a result of hormone changes in the female body. Unfortunately, it hits differently to different individuals, but its symptoms are temporary and are only visible a few days before and during menstruation.

What are the healthy practices that you should follow during periods?

According to Cristiana Sandor, Chief Executive Officer, Stetho Health Systems, “women are responsible for society’s overall well-being. And to do it efficiently, they need to take care of

themselves first.” Therefore, it is essential to follow healthy practices during periods which are as followed:
Eat healthy diet
Stay hydrated
Take Adequate Rest
Maintain proper hygiene
Choose a suitable sanitation method
Visit a Gynecologist whenever required

It is necessary to understand that periods are natural to women’s bodies. Therefore, women should embrace their periods and not be torn down by them. Menstruation is a critical aspect, and we as women should come together and educate ourselves regarding it. Women should not let the myths and taboos of menstruation make them vulnerable. Women should educate
themselves on proper menstrual health and hygiene and embrace the change that happens to their body every month. In addition, it is essential to follow healthy practices during menstruation, such as eating a healthy diet, getting an adequate amount of rest, and maintaining proper hygiene. Apart from these, choosing the right sanitary products is also beneficial.

Although many brands offer sanitary products, investing in the right brand is essential. Ava, introduced by Stetho Health Systems, is one such brand. It offers organic, sustainable, compostable, sanitary products that are developed with organic micro-encapsulated Hemp- seed oil to provide vaginal skin nourishment properties and helps resolve discomfort experienced by women and girls during menstruation.

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A Comprehensive Guide: Everything You Should Know About Menstruation – Ava
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